Struggling with Depression or Low Mood?

Hypnotherapy for Depression in Kilkenny

I’m here to help you overcome your feelings of depression or low mood! We can meet at a time and location which is easy for you today.

Imagine your life free of feelings of depression or low mood! Through the power of hypnotherapy we can work together to get you back to your happy, confident self today.

First, trust me that you are not alone. Depression is one of the most common health problems and whilst each experience of it is unique, there is nothing strange in having it. This is particularly true in Ireland where mental health complaints are among the highest in Europe. On average one in every six people will suffer depression every year.

However, many people who suffer with depression do not look for help or even admit it. Your courage to seek support for your depression through a hypnotherapy session is a brave step and you should congratulate yourself. I am here to get you feeling positive about and enjoying life again. Depression, though very common, is also highly treatable and hypnotherapy will help you to overcome these feelings and give you back your zest. The knowledge, understanding and the skills that I have gained both from life and professional experience give me confidence that our work together will be a success.

Call me on 089 972 2991 for a free, no pressure, no sales pitch consultation. If you decide to book a hypnotherapy session for depression we will arrange a time to meet at your convenience.

andrewmcdonaldhypnotherapy (at) gmail (dot) com

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