Mental Wellness

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Mental wellness is at least as important as physical health. It also requires just as much work, if not more, to achieve and maintain a sense of mental wellbeing. Depression and anxiety affect millions of people every year.

If you have a physical health concern, you get help. Most of the time you won’t think twice about it. The chances are if you’re worried about your mental health, you won’t act in the same way and will put off looking for the support to get you better.

This can be because mental health concerns, particularly depression and anxiety, lead to feelings of “I’m the only one suffering this”, “this is because I don’t deserve to be happy” and many other self-deflating, self-sabotaging ideas. It can also be because of the perceived stigma attached to mental health. Even if we never meet, let me at least burst the myth attached to that stigma. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Carey, Eoin Larkin, Nigel Owens, Ashling Thompson and many other highly successful people have spoken about their struggles with their mental health. Suffering with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues isn’t a weakness. There is real strength in admitting things aren’t right and looking for the support to regain your mental wellness. With effort and the right support you will recover from depression and anxiety.

If you are suffering from poor physical health, it’s likely you realise the work you need to put in to start feeling better. Another problem with mental health is people sometimes think they can, or might even be told to, just “snap out of it”. If someone told you they had heart or lung problems and somebody told them to run a marathon, you’d think the person telling them to do that was ludicrous. Telling someone with depression or anxiety to “get over it” is no less ridiculous. The first step in putting the work in to get better is to look for the support to help you to do just that.

You also know that with physical health, simply taking medication is usually not enough on its own. The same is true with mental wellness. You need to put the effort in to get and stay better and you need support in doing that.

Hypnotherapy can be that support! It can help with reducing symptoms, exploring the reasons behind the depression or anxiety and it can help to bust self-sabotaging thoughts and damaging thinking cycles. I know this because I have been exactly where you are now. I suffered depression and anxiety for many years. That changed through hypnotherapy. I want you to experience that change for yourself.

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