Motivation for Exercise

You know the usual story. You want to get fitter, healthier, start looking great and be better able to enjoy life. You also know that any exercise routine requires effort. You plan and plan for when you’re going to get started but when the time comes for you to get moving there is always a reason not to. It’s too cold, it’s too warm. It’s wet. It’s windy. You feel tired. You decide not to get moving and this becomes a self-repeating pattern.

Cycling in Kilkenny

You need to boost your motivation. Or you may actually need to figure out how to channel your motivation from thinking about exercising to actually actively doing it. The first steps are almost always the most difficult, though maintaining an exercise routine can often be a struggle too. Neither of these need be problems which stop you from living the healthier and fitter version you are dreaming of.

What we need to do is take that motivation from the conscious thinking part of your brain and install it into your subconscious habitual autopilot. Hypnotherapy will do this in one session. In fact, it’s exactly what hypnotherapy is designed to do. You won’t be thinking about exercising anymore, you’ll no longer be dreaming of fitness and better health, you will say goodbye to procrastination and you will simply get yourself moving and active. From there, fitness, better health and looking great won’t be your mirage, they will be your reality.

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