Online Therapy

Online Therapy with Andrew McDonald Hypnotherapy Thomastown & Kilkenny

The way we live our lives has changed. The ease and comfort of doing things from home has become more and more popular. One of the positives (few – but every cloud has a silver lining) of lockdown is that the availablility of services online has grown. Accessing quality therapy via a virtual environment is here to stay. That’s why, in addition to my in-person service, I am offering you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of hypnotherapy without having to step outside your front door.

The Same High Quality

I have worked hard to ensure that the therapy you will experience online is of exactly the same high quality that you would benefit from in person. If I felt that offering therapy online would in any way compromise quality, I would not be offering it.

Security Guaranteed

Therapy involves you putting trust in the therapist. That’s why I have established my online therapy practice with security in mind giving the highest guarantee possible that what you tell me will remain between you and me.

andrewmcdonaldhypnotherapy (at) gmail (dot) com

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